The Five Galaxies and other news for Plerion

In the last few days I had a spurt of inspiration and resumed working feverishly on Plerion. As I have announced in previous devlogs, I am working on these fronts:

  1. The Five Galaxies, the setting booklet for Plerion. I do not consider it at all essential to play the game, but many people like a broad background in which to set their adventures. I will be releasing this booklet for free in PDF format and at a small surcharge only for those who want to purchase the hard copy version (it will be in color and I will try to keep costs down as much as possible, but unfortunately POD services have raised costs).

  2. The Lone Starcrafter supplement for solo play. Currently the draft consists of 22,000 words and contains largely tables for generating stuff, but of course there is no shortage of procedures and oracle. The part I am most proud of involves the six Paths that provide extensive background, additional assets, and a debt to repay to propel you into adventure. They include about 30 creatures for random encounters. This booklet will come with a fee.

  3. The Book of Cosmic Creatures, the bestiary that already contains 160 creatures under revision to which I will add those from Solo Starfarer. This booklet will be totally free, either in PDF or as softcover at cost price.

The timing of release depends on personal factors, all drafts are in an advanced state of revision (Solo Starfarer is already searchable via the web here) but the most onerous part will be the layout so I cannot give a definite time frame.

I hope you enjoy these news!

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