A quick look at the Five Galaxies

Welcome back friends of Zotiquest Games!

I’m thrilled to provide a more in-depth overview of the Five Galaxies, an expansive new setting that will serve as the backdrop for upcoming RPG titles extending the Plerion universe.

The Five Galaxies consist of the Andromeda, Milky Way, Triangulum, Large Magellanic Cloud, and Small Magellanic Cloud galaxies. Within these vast cosmic frontiers containing over a trillion stars, players will discover a rich diversity of species, factions, cultures, technologies, and more.

One of the most fascinating aspects is the multitude of unique alien species populating the Five Galaxies. For example, the amphibious Lynem are gifted artists and architects, identifiable by their pangolin-like heads and octopus eyes, who have built impressive underwater civilizations. The blind Che-esune, covered in rubbery skin with horse-like heads, rely on their powerful sense of smell and hearing to survive as aggressive pack hunters. Readers will encounter over a dozen alien species, each with creative physiological traits and cultural practices that contribute to the tapestry of this universe.

Players will also get embroiled in the complex dynamics between influential empires and factions like the maritime Dominion of Aquilaria ruled by the Lynem monarch, whose powerful navy controls the valuable waterways of Andromeda, or the futuristic and orderly Technocratic Union of Skopalia governed by the Che-esune’s rigorous meritocratic system focused on technological advancement. The interplay between these groups shapes a rich political landscape filled with intrigue.

In terms of world-building lore, the Five Galaxies provide near-instantaneous travel between star systems through a network of natural and artificial wormholes called the Wormhole Access Network. Lucrative intergalactic trade routes connect the galaxies but also pose risks from cosmic radiation, micrometeorites, and little-known entities. Uncharted sectors of space harboring remnants of extinct civilizations offer profitable opportunities for intrepid explorers but also dangers from alien creatures and unstable ancient technologies.

Overall, the Five Galaxies provides an immersive and sprawling sci-fi setting that significantly expands the horizons of the Plerion universe. Its alien species, political intrigues, technological wonders, and untapped frontiers promise truly memorable backdrop for the adventures of its players.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’ll be revealing more details soon on the RPG titles that will allow players to fully experience the marvels and dangers of the Five Galaxies.

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