Plerion – Solo Starfarer (Preview)

Hello dear Zotiquest Games friends!

Before diving into the details, I want to let you know that a text-only version of “Solo Starfarer” is now available on This preview gives you a sneak peek into the vast universe of possibilities awaiting you in this expansion for the space opera adventure game Plerion.

With the core Plerion rules designed for group play, I wanted to ensure that solitary space travelers like you could also embark on thrilling journeys. “Solo Starfarer” is your solution. In this supplement, I’ve painstakingly adapted the game for the intrepid solo explorer.


When you dive into “Solo Starfarer,” you’ll discover an array of expanded character creation options. Choose your path from intriguing options like Drifter, Mercenary, Carrier, and more. Each path comes with its own set of starting assets, debts, roles, challenges, and goals, immersing you deeply in the vast universe I’ve crafted.


Once your character is ready to take on the cosmos, you’ll find invaluable procedures like Ground Procedures, Exploration Rules, and the Installation Generator to give your adventures structure. Don’t hesitate to consult the Oracle when you’re unsure, and let the unexpected surprises guide your epic journey. Will you amass a fortune as a Salvager plundering derelicts or rise to fame protecting convoys as a Freelancer? The stars are waiting for your unique story to unfold.

Solo Character Options

For those seeking a bit more resilience, the rules offer an “Enhanced Character” option with extra hit points or the opportunity to enlist companions. Remember, though, that spaceport stays don’t come cheap, so managing your finances is crucial.


But there’s more! “Solo Starfarer” doesn’t stop at procedures. It equips you with a wide range of tools, including a streamlined Star System Generator, Job Board, Mission Builder, Settlement Guide, Creature Index, and much more to populate your solo adventures. And if you’re looking for a little extra excitement, I’ve included tables upon tables filled with feuds, job opportunities, patrons, adversaries, starships, artifacts, hazards, and rewards. It’s a treasure trove of possibilities!

Wrapping up…

“Solo Starfarer” unlocks a universe of thrilling opportunities for lone space rangers like you. The beauty of this expansion is its modular nature, allowing you to implement only what suits your preferences. Take your time charting the unknown with this indispensable collection of generators and guides! Before you know it, your tale will be woven into the fabric of interstellar legend. The cosmos beckons—venture forth and let the dice decide your fate!

If you do decide to embark on your solo space odyssey with “Solo Starfarer,” I’d love to hear about your adventures among the stars. Share your tales of daring escapades and cosmic discoveries with me. As you navigate the expanse, remember to fly daringly but also fly safely. The universe holds many perils, but with the tools at your disposal, you’re more than equipped to handle them.

So, game on, dear spacers! May your journeys lead you to astounding discoveries beyond your wildest imagination. This is your moment—seize it and soar among the stars. I’ll be eagerly awaiting dispatches from your interstellar travels!

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