Sol Beyond Earth – Complete Edition

NOTE: If you want the hard copy version just wait! The volume is being approved on Amazon and will grant free PDF redeemability

Ahead of schedule, I am really pleased to announce the release of Sol Beyond Earth!

This game has occupied my mind and my “free” working hours for many months, but it is only recently that I was able to unlock the mechanical part of it, thanks to the 24XX SRD.

So I am finally able to offer you everything that is included in the Bifold Editione and much more: a complete setting outlining:

  • The uchronic timeline in which the game takes place, a world in which the space race has never stopped

  • A sketch of the major powers moving through the scenario

  • A brief account of the major corporations that move the economy of the Sol System

  • Descriptive sheets of the major colonized planets and their role in the Sol System

  • Background information on space habitats, orbital lift, and the terralunar economy

  • A random mission generator

  • An annotated list of inspirations that you can use to build your own campaigns

The print version will be available on Amazon in two editions:

  • Standard black and white, at a cost of $15

  • Premium color, at a cost of $25

In the DEMO section you will find text-only versions in epub, txt, and odt.

I hope this game can meet your taste, I certainly had a lot of fun writing it.

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