Why Sol Beyond Earth is NASAcore

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In speculative fiction, two genres are emerging as pathways into the realm of space exploration: NASA-punk and NASAcore. While both genres orbit around the same aestethics, they diverge significantly in their focus and intent.


NASA-punk, a speculative fiction genre, thrives on conjuring alternative sci-fi realities tied to space exploration. It thrills in painting vivid fictional tales and crafting imaginative cosmos, unshackled by the tethers of history. Here, rebellion against the norms, defiance of authority, and dismantling the status quo are as integral as the interstellar adventures it weaves. NASA-punk boasts an edgy, gritty, and “low life” ambiance, where futuristic technology dances with punk sensibilities, redefining the space frontier with a rebellious spirit.


In contrast, NASAcore is not confined within the pages of speculative fiction but is a vibrant contemporary aesthetic movement. This movement venerates the very essence of real-world NASA history and culture, with a particular focus on the mid-20th century NASA technologies, missions, and iconic imagery. NASAcore is not a rebellion; it’s a celebration. It seeks to faithfully and lovingly resurrect the optimism and retro-futurism of NASA’s golden era. This revival isn’t limited to words on a page; it permeates various aspects of culture, from fashion to music, art to design, all exuding a genuine reverence for space exploration.

Sol Beyond Earth is NASAcore

So why is Sol Beyond Earth unequivocally NASAcore and not NASA-punk? The answer lies in its unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of the real NASA archive and the mid-20th century’s fascination with the cosmos. While NASA-punk revels in reimagining space with a punk edge, Sol Beyond Earth pays homage to the authenticity of NASA’s cultural legacy. It transports players into a meticulously crafted world where the space race of the 20th century never ceased, a realm where advanced technology and retro-futuristic aesthetics reign supreme.

In this universe, there’s no rebellion against norms or authority. Instead, there’s a deep-seated respect for the grandeur of space exploration as envisioned by NASA’s pioneers. Sol Beyond Earth uses the NASAcore palette to paint its narrative canvas, romanticizing an era of space exploration that once captured the world’s imagination.

In sum, Sol Beyond Earth is a NASAcore game. It stands as a testament to the significance of respecting history, culture, and humanity’s unyielding pursuit of the cosmos.

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