Zotiquest Games 2024: Charting New Realms and Reviving Classics

With a heart full of stories and a mind buzzing with ideas, I’m thrilled (and a tad guilty for the delay) to share a glimpse into what I’ve been conjuring up for Zotiquest Games in 2024. Grab your favorite dice, and let’s embark on this solo journey together!

What’s coming

  1. Expanding the Loner editorial line: The Loner line is my labor of love, and this year, it’s set to blossom. I’m rolling out all the Adventure Packs that have been brewing in my mind. After the spectral tales of “Kwaidan,” you’ll delve into the cogs and gears of “Steampunk,” roam the mystical halls of “Magical Academy,” and explore the depths of various “History Packs.” Your solo adventures are about to get a whole lot richer!

  2. Plerion Solo Starfarer – A Cosmic Quest: I’ve been meticulously piecing together “Plerion Solo Starfarer,” and it’s almost ready to see the light of the stars. Gear up to navigate the mysteries of the universe in this interstellar adventure.

What’s Beyond the Horizon

As the sun sets on the beloved Thálassa line, a new dawn beckons with the promise of uncharted territories and mystical beings.

  1. Sonata Synchronicity – A New Chapter: Introducing the evolved and expanded version of “SoLAR Slice of Anime Realized” beta – now reborn as “Sonata Synchronicity.” This change isn’t just in name; it’s a whole new world! With an aim to distinguish its title from my other games like “Sol Beyond Earth” and “Solar: A New Dawn,” Sonata Synchronicity offers an immersive experience in the Japanese slice-of-life genre, using poker cards and unique archetypes. The new version includes a comprehensive player’s (and Director’s) guide, making it easier for you to dive into and frame your games in this enchanting genre.

  2. The Five Galaxies: The official Plerion setting that you got a sneak preview of in last fall’s newsletters. Be patient, the text is ready, but it will be layout after Solo Starfarer.

  3. The Book of Cosmic Creatures: the bestiary compatible with all Mark of the Odd games and specifically Plerion, Meteor and Monolith. This will require some revision and recalibration, so I am not promising a definite time frame.

  4. New Adventures on the Horizon: I have ready drafts of two adventures for Golden Idol (a one-shot and a mini-campaign) and a scenario for Sol Beyond Earth!

Be Part of This Tale

Your enthusiasm, feedback, and participation are the winds beneath the wings of these adventures. Stay tuned for more chapters in this saga, and let’s make 2024 a year of legendary stories and personal triumphs!

Discord Server

A reminder that the Zotiquest Games Discord server is open, which you can reach with this invite link. It is not very active at the moment, but I hope more players will join, making it a space for conversation and exchange like others.

Happy gaming

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