Migrating to Self Hosting

Welcome back friends!

You may have noticed two things:

  1. You have probably received notification of the entire newsletter archive. This was not intended and I sincerely apologize: in the naivety of my inexperience I migrated the contact list first and then the posts. This is a serious rookie mistake…but I hope you will excuse me and not take away your subscription (and trust in me).
  2. I abandoned Substack in favor of a self-hosted solution with self-installed WordPress blog. The news about Substack has been less than encouraging lately, and many creators have made the same choice as me. Actually, the choice to lean on Substack was one of pure comfort and convenience. But I feel we can all gain from this step toward independence!

Another advantage of this solution is that now Zotiquest News is reachable from the fediverse thanks to the ActivityPub plugin!

A general note on content from now on

You have surely noticed that in recent months the posts were very “institutional” and not very personal. I experimented with this style to give an aura of professionalism to Zotiquest Games, but I have decided to abandon this style in favor of a newfound personal dialogue between you and me.
I can’t promise that I will really be more assiduous, but I will certainly try to let you be a part of my creative process in a more personal way.

So those of you who used to follow me via e-mail need do no more. Those who used to follow me on the RSS feed are invited to update it.
And those who discover me now, welcome!

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  1. Big Tuff Al Avatar

    great move, agree that indie is the ideal

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