2019: Angel City Blues

I have already recounted this elsewhere, and I don’t want to make it long, but allow me this digression. I was 13 years old in the summer of 1997 and I discovered that I loved science fiction.

But because I am never a simple person, my approach to the genre was dark, angsty and romantic: Blade Runner. Recorded from the TV channel on an already used up VHS.

I fell madly in love with it on a visceral level: the atmosphere, the characters, in the monologues, and yes, even Deckard’s infamous voice-over that then disappeared from later editions.

If I started reading Philip K. Dick shortly after and then the hundreds of volumes consumed so far, I definitely owe it to Ridley Scott’s film.

So it was rather quick and spontaneous last night when a user from the Italian solo player community came up with the question, “but is Blade Runner [from Free League] playable solo?”

My answer was “maybe, but it would be so easy to play it with 24XX, I even have the title… um… 2019 City Blues!”

And there was nothing else I could do then. I had to write it down. Tonight. This morning. Until it came out of my head.

I hope you enjoy it. I am looking forward to playing it.

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