Some news about 202X Special Ops!

Hi there, my friends!

I wanted to share some news about 202X Special Ops, which I have been enjoying playing with my regular group lately.

  • The downloads now include 24XX Shadow Troops, a high fantasy reskin of the game. It all started with a discussion with a friend who lamented the impossibility of playing Epic with certain rules, and his frustration at having to deal with tropes like taverns, dungeons, and other “pseudo-medieval fantasy” complications. He wanted to play epic missions commissioned by a large nation, such as an empire, and be a member of a “special team. My friend concluded: “That’s it! I want to play 202X Special Ops, but fantasy!” Well, there you go, my friend! And since the job is now done, I thought I’d give all Special Ops players a free gift.
  • I’m working on a campaign expansion that will allow you to run a military base from which the various missions will be launched. Obviously, this is inspired by MGS Peace Walker, and the management part of the base will be an integral part of the game, with the expandability of the structure, but also the accounting of the various expenses! I hope to release it this summer!
  • After successful playtests with my group, two adventures are in the works! In the first, Silence Echo, the group has to infiltrate a Siberian base to foil the plans of a scientist who wants to sell a new weapon to the highest bidder. Along the same lines, but set on a Pacific island, the second adventure will see three factions interacting with the players group.

Important note! When the new campaign add-on and adventure modules are added, the price may go up!

I still have to decide whether to use’s different pricing feature or to offer the whole package at a higher price… In that case, let me know what you prefer!

Of course, previous purchasers will receive the updates for free.

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